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Midsummer Wind

Graphics + Tutorials
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Textures, icons, gradients, tutorials, graphics.

Who are we?
This is a personal graphic journal of dark_soul_lost and be_tran. We like monkeys. Lots and lots of monkeys.
What is this journal about?
Gradients, icons, screencaptures, textures, brushes - oh so many things.
Do we take requests?
No, because we love doing what we like and we hate making graphics of stuff we have no interest in.
What do we make graphics of?
Anything we feel like at the moment. We're too lazy to jump on bandwagons.
Comment & credit.
Even if you leave a comment saying 'thanks' or '4,6,10' from an icon post, we would appreciate it. This is for us to know which artwork we do that you like or prefer so that we may improve.
Be nice and respectful.
No flame wars or insulting comments to us or anyone else who post entries and/or comments. We promote a welcoming environment in this community and we are nice to those who are nice to us and follow the rules.
No hotlinking.
This is so bad. This is so very very bad. If you do this, we'll have to hunt you down and feed you to our kittens. Last I checked, the jaws of furry kittens are not friendly.
No editing.
Most of the work featured on this community is made from scratch, which means we have rights to them. Do not edit anything unless they are screencaptures.
Do not claim as your own.
This goes with the previous rule of no editing. Please do not claim these work as your own. We have put our heart and soul and energy into making them for you to use.
Do not redistribute.
Link back to this journal instead of redistributing the work. You have no right to redistribute many of the work on here as they are original art/graphics.
Enjoy yourself.
Hopefully you are here to have fun and not to be mean monsters.
Watch this community.
We will be updating frequently all summer with lots of goodies. Some will be pimped at other communities, others will not be.
All resources credit will be posted in the entry for which they are used. This is easier on those of you who want the exact brush/gradient/etc. I used, but are weary of going through 50 names of people/websites looking for the specific resource.
Ask questions.
We're actually very nice people. If you need help with something (and we if we know how to do it), we'll be more than happy to help.
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